Our consultancy business unit is unique in its own nature in Mexico; it focuses exclusively in consultancy for insurance corporations. It combines the strategic differentiators of Glico (Intelligence, Technology, Transparency and Co-participation) with business professionals that possess an intimate knowledge of the Mexican insurance market and that have the level of experience right for each of the tasks and projects requested. In our Consulting Business Unit we operate mainly in three areas:

roi Risk, Return and Solvency II

How do you best harmonize efficiently the management reality of a company with the formality requirements of corporate government? ¿How can we achieve máximum congruency between our strategic market positinoing, the market reality and my risk appetite? We can help there. We can give structure and efficiency to the management of your company at the highest level. Based on our Glico Deep Dive™ software we will part from a review of your strategic market position and will design together the processes and documents, which form the basis of your corporate governance framework. Our consulting includes the supervision of the implementation of processes and manuals, where required, even as acting secretaries of the various bodies and committees of corporate governance.

tecnologia Technology and Automation

Do you face difficulties to know or understand if your technology platform and your processing systems are the most adequate and sufficiently powerful to support your business growth? Do you realize that your company runs on processes, which could be automated to gain efficiency and could make your operation safer? We can help. In collaboration with our clients we analyze the current system platform in order to design, as a function of the company strategy, an Enterprise Architecture diagram, based on which we can analyze the functionalities of current solutions and compare them with other options in the market. We are efficiency freaks when it comes to operational efficiency and enthusiastically dimension the challenges related to such questions. We produce work flows based on which we look for automation options, which can be plugged into your operating platform. We assist with the implementation of processes and measure together with our clients the improvements of the performance indicators defined at the outset of each project.

safe Safe Landing

This product, specifically designed for foreign investors and insurance companies, which think about potentially setting up shop in Mexico, helps answering questions like the following ones: How can I evaluate a market, which I do not really know? What practical steps are necessary and which is the process to obtain a license to operate as a Direct Insurer in Mexico? How much would such an application and preparation process cost? We can help, offering from an anual desk evaluation of your position in relation to the Mexican market, based on our Glico Deep Dive data base and in-depth market know how, to the delivery of a licensed “turn-key insurance company solution”. On your way approaching the Mexican market we organize exploration trips with the right market participants and can support you in the elaboration of your Business Case for managerial or regulatory purposes.